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Wednesday Notes from Bosnia and Herzegovina

News and Updates you might have missed..

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How are you this Wednesday? It would be nice to know. It’s turned chilly again here grrrrr.

As you might know, I have been posting “Notes” here on Substack.
You can read them at the tab in my Navigation bar (Notes and News), as well as through the Substack app, that you can download for free.

Notes are basically a social media feed within Substack, and I find them great to update on whats happening in my world, as well as comment on what others in the Substack eco-system are also publishing.

For me, Notes are much better than using Instagram, which I am only keeping, as there are friends there that I like to communicate with. Like a messaging app.

So this post is a compilation of my Notes over the past 2 weeks, that you might be interested in catching up with?
Let me know what you think?


🗒️ Notes from May 📝

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Until our next post.


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