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Mid June Notes from Bosnia and Herzegovina

News and Updates you might have missed..

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My friend Rosie, and I, discussing the upcoming podcast training.

Hello from Bosnia and Herzegovina, where we are experiencing somewhat of a heatwave, with temperatures hovering around the mid thirties celsius.

Weirdly we have lost our wonderful blue skies, which have been replaced by an unusual form of grey, which Tamara thinks is the return of Sahara dust/sand that we experienced a few weeks ago.

We have been putting off getting AC downstairs where we live, but, with this trend of really hot weather continuing these past few summers, it’s the time to “get ‘er done”, as the Canadians say.

This past week has seen Rosie, a friend of mine of many many years, visiting us here in the village. Rosie first came to Bosnia and Herzegovina in the mid 1990’s with the British contingent of UNPROFOR. This is her second return since those rather confused and violent days.

Rosie is an exceptional communicator, and is now launching a “passionate project” based on her current activities as a Human Security specialist.

Podcasting will form the main pillar of her project, and she asked for some help in the form of skills training.

Time spent researching is seldom wasted.

What are friends for then?

After some 4 days, Rosie has returned to Germany (where she now lives) where she will include all her new found tips, tricks and skills. Rosie will also be publishing here on Substack as well.

Her project is called Frontline Voices. The website isn’t live yet, but I’ll let you know when, so you can follow here (and maybe subscribe to Rosie as well?).

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For me, Notes are much better than using Instagram.

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