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Mladen Tomić - International DJ from Banja Luka

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Mladen Tomić - International DJ from Banja Luka

Living Your Dream in the Balkans - Balkan Life Back in the early "noughties" I directed a multi-cultural broadcast media project here in northern Bosnia and Herzegovina.

Basically I ran a pop music radio station.

Allied to the project was an "outreach" element, or community interaction component, where we would organise electronic music (read Trance, House, Techno) parties that formed a base to bring disparate young adults together. Multi-cultural re-binding might be a better description.

God that sounds pompous!

As usual I digress.

We used to bring club DJs from the UK to recreate the "music scene" that young people across Europe at that time were experiencing.

The music of Carl Cox, Pete Tong and Tijesto to name but a few. Lights, Lazers, Dancers ....

You know the thing. Local youth here in BIH, were feeling isolated and ignored, but had a desire to feel "normal" and connected. Those feelings are still prevalent all these years later sadly.

They came to our parties in droves. I used to feel…

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