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Exploring Spomeniks.

Exploring Spomeniks.

The Brutalist Monuments of Former Yugoslavia

In this episode, I discuss the brutalist Spomenik monuments of the former Yugoslavia with Donald Niebel - founder of the Spomenik Database.

Donald is an environmental scientist turned researcher from the United States.

We delve into the historical significance, architectural design, and location details of these unique, massive structures.

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Donald explains how he transformed his initial curiosity about these striking monuments into a comprehensive online resource.

Sharing his experiences and insights, Donald reveals the value of the Spomeniks as instruments for studying local and regional histories.

The Spomenik Database can be accessed at:

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The Spomenik on the Kozara mountain

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Coffee and Rakija
🎙️ An Englishman in the Balkans 🎧
In this podcast, you'll get a unique look at my life in Bosnia and Herzegovina, through the eyes of an immigrant. Each episode, I share my experiences living in this often misunderstood country, and introduce you to some of the interesting people I have met along the way.
From exploring the rich culture and history, to discussing the challenges and joys of immigrating to a new country, this podcast offers a thoughtful and engaging look at life in the Balkans.