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Following Her Intuition: Nadja Gydat's 'Move to Visoko, Bosnia and Herzegovina

Following Her Intuition: Nadja Gydat's 'Move to Visoko, Bosnia and Herzegovina

Welcome to "An Englishman in the Balkans," the podcast that aims to encourage people to explore Bosnia and Herzegovina. We talk to fascinating individuals not only from Bosnia and Herzegovina but also those who have come to this country or, like me, live here.

Today, I'm thrilled to introduce you to Nadja Gydat, an extraordinary woman who hails from Switzerland but has now made Visoko, just outside Sarajevo, her home. Nadja is on the verge of launching a wool-based eco-product, and her journey to this point is as intriguing as her upcoming venture.

Nadja describes herself as a real woman, a citizen of Europe, a mother to a few dogs, and someone born into a lineage of wise women who possess a unique gift passed down through generations. She is a believer in creating win-win situations in every aspect of life and sees herself as being on a journey to continuously expand her knowledge, spirituality, and understanding of people and mentalities.

Her early life was anything but conventional, with parents who were ahead of their time and raised her with open-mindedness and an appreciation for diverse cultures. Growing up in Italy and Africa,

Nadja was exposed to art, music, and different languages from an early age, shaping her curious and adventurous spirit.

Despite finding success in the luxury PR industry, Nadja realized the glitzy lifestyle wasn't fulfilling her. It lacked authenticity and became too stressful due to external factors beyond her control.

Feeling disconnected, she embarked on a quest to discover her true path.

Nadja's journey led her to Visoko, Bosnia and Herzegovina, where she felt a strong connection with the energetic power of the pyramids and the abundance of negative ions in the tunnels. Prompted by a dream, she decided to make a life-changing move to Bosnia.

Initially, Nadja planned to open a health resort but found herself drawn to the untapped potential of Bosnian wool. She fell in love with the material and decided to create a product series based on wool, promoting its ecological and sustainable qualities.

She believes this venture will not only showcase Bosnian craftsmanship but also shine a light on the beauty and richness of Bosnia beyond its war-torn history.

Nadja's bold move to Bosnia has been met with admiration and curiosity from her friends and associates in Switzerland. She hopes to inspire others to explore the country's opportunities and beauty and intends to become a commercial and touristic ambassador for Bosnia in the future.

As we look forward to the launch of Nadja's eco-product line, she emphasizes the need to support young Bosnian entrepreneurs and give back to the community. She plans to become a business angel, supporting promising talents and projects.

For those intrigued by Nadja's story and interested in her wool-based products, you can connect with her on Instagram. Nadja encourages fellow Bosnians from the diaspora to return to their homeland and contribute to its growth and development, highlighting the untapped potential within this beautiful country.

Join us in celebrating Nadja's inspiring journey and be sure to check out her eco-product line as she showcases the beauty of Bosnia and Herzegovina, both through her products and her passion for this remarkable nation. Let's all embark on this adventure together and discover the hidden gems that lie within Bosnia and Herzegovina.

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