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Finding Out About Nick Semwogerere

Finding Out About Nick Semwogerere

This episode is a somewhat collaborative episode between The Balkan Adventures Podcast and Balkan Stories.

My good friend and Vienna based blogger, Christoph Baumgarten caught up with Nick Semwogerere, a Londoner and Musician to find out why Nick had somewhat "fallen in love" with Bosnia and Herzegovina and the Western Balkans in general.

Nick has had a passion for writing since a young age. Initially starting with poetry, this led on to writing song lyrics when he got into music.  During media studies and English literature at college he found he had a writing style that flowed nicely.

Nick got an A* in oral English when he left high school as expressing himself verbally and creatively has always been something that he has really enjoyed, which upon reflection influenced him to transfer these skills into ESL teaching.  

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Coffee and Rakija
🎙️ An Englishman in the Balkans 🎧
In this podcast, you'll get a unique look at my life in Bosnia and Herzegovina, through the eyes of an immigrant. Each episode, I share my experiences living in this often misunderstood country, and introduce you to some of the interesting people I have met along the way.
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