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Danilo Bosnić - Banja Luka Tour Guide

Danilo Bosnić - Banja Luka Tour Guide

In this episode I catch up with Danilo Boznić, a local tour guide in Banja Luka.

We delve into the potential the country has to become a top travel destination, Danilo's personal experience as a tour guide, and the challenges Bosnia faces due to negative perceptions.

We chat about the importance of slow tourism, cultural understanding, and the impact of infrastructure, such as the local airport, on tourism.

Danilo also discusses his approach to personalised tourism experiences, and his aspirations for Bosnia's future tourism sector.

00:00 Introduction and Welcome

00:32 Interview with Danilo Boznic, a Local Tour Guide

01:03 Danilo's Journey into Tourism

02:08 The Importance of Training for Tour Guides

02:47 Danilo's First Tour Experience

04:07 The Art of Guiding Tours

05:10 The Concept of Slow Tourism

07:21 Overcoming Negative Perceptions

12:41 The Impact of Local Attitudes on Tourism

17:55 The Role of Infrastructure in Tourism

20:45 The Importance of Food and Music in the Local Culture

23:01 Conclusion and Invitation to Visit Banja Luka

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