Lebanese Food in Banja Luka.Watch now (8 min) | A Video from our life in Bosnia and Herzegovina
A Relaxing Video from the Village
Images from the Mountains
Hello and welcome to this week's post, where I am sat in the car in a residential area of Banja Luka called Ante Jakić.
I made a risk assessment that results in delaying my visit to the UK to see my mother and to coincide with that of my daughters.
After 30+ months I visit England again
Since writing our last post, life has been a total roller coaster of symptoms that Tamara and I have been experiencing.
Note to Self: Don't check the weather app it's positively suicidal.
An Englishman living in the Jugoslavija of the 80's and 90's.Listen now (36 min) | In this episode of the podcast David talks to Martin Gannon about his experiences working in Jugoslavija.
I have been mulling over some design changes to the blog for sometime now. How to give it a unique identity of its own.
In the Republika Srpska, the obligation to wear protective masks indoors has been abolished, RS Minister of Health Alen Šeranić said today after the…
Zimnica - Winter FoodListen now (22 min) | In this episode of the podcast David and Tamara talk about Zimnica- Winter Food.