Coffee and Rakija.

A Magazine (Blog, Podcast, Vlog and Newsletter), by former soldier and retired media consultant, David Pejčinović-Bailey.

What to Expect from Coffee and Rakija

I write about my life and experiences in a rural village in North-West Bosnia and Herzegovina, giving you a unique look, through the eyes of an immigrant (me), of this much misunderstood country.

I also have a Podcast, where I introduce you to some of the interesting people I have met, who help me to dispel the many negative perceptions that international media have created about country.

As I travel around exploring the rich culture and history, I also discuss the challenges and joys of immigrating to a new country.

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Nadja from Switzerland but now lives in Visoko, near Sarajevo ⬆️


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Where I live.

The village of Čardačani

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Writing about life in Bosnia and Herzegovina, and trying to counter the negative perceptions that many people have of this country. Of which there are so many.


Sharing my experiences of living in Bosnia and Herzegovina, and dispelling the negative perceptions of an often misunderstood country,
Used to work in the former Jugoslavija. I am still a huge fan of the area.
I'm a dual Bosnian-Canadian citizen