Hello and welcome to this week's post, where I am sat in the car in a residential area of Banja Luka called Ante Jakić.
I made a risk assessment that results in delaying my visit to the UK to see my mother and to coincide with that of my daughters.
Since writing our last post, life has been a total roller coaster of symptoms that Tamara and I have been experiencing.
Note to Self: Don't check the weather app it's positively suicidal.
I have been mulling over some design changes to the blog for sometime now. How to give it a unique identity of its own.
In the Republika Srpska, the obligation to wear protective masks indoors has been abolished, RS Minister of Health Alen Šeranić said today after the…
I got bitten
Drenjak, in English, is Cornelian Cherry. I have never heard of this before but, for me it is similar to cranberry. In fact we made a Drenjak sauce as…
🇬🇧 Back Home - Vratio sam se kući 🇧🇦Watch now (6 min) | Settling back into life in Čardačani.
Getting older does, sadly, mean experiencing a lot more aches and pains and so anything that makes life that little more bearable has to be a plus.
As you read this I am sure we will have had a few “Egg Fights”, an egg hunt around the garden and looking forward to a superb family lunch.
Čardačani in December 2021