🎥 Postcard from Bosnia

Documenting our adventures with Video. ”Postcard from Bosnia”, is part of this platform (substack) where we host both our Blog and Podcast. The vlogs, will be hosted on Vimeo, so totally AD FREE. Videos will be on YouTube as well, but posted much later, so you’ll be getting to see them first here. They will not, however, be public on Instagram, Facebook or anywhere else on Social Media.

Harvesting WalnutsWatch now (6 min) | Harvesting Walnuts from our three walnut trees.
We visit the "Fazan" VineyardWatch now (5 min) | A sneak peak at Bosnia's most interesting winery
Buying Burek for BreakfastWatch now (9 min) | We take you with us while we buy Burek and Krompiruša for breakfast.
Sun Dried Tomatoes in Olive OilWatch now (12 min) | How We Make Sun-Dried Tomatoes at Home.
Homemade Tomato SauceWatch now (7 min) | I get to use a Pasirka
Pirogiada 2022Watch now (4 min) | The Polish Community in Čelinovac
I Buy a SataraWatch now (2 min) | I have wanted to purchase a Satara for sometime.
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