The Banja Luka MarketWatch now (10 min) | Walk with me through the Banja Luka Market on a Sunday
Bosnia and Herzegovina 🇧🇦 once again hosts a World Championship event
One of the first houses built in today's Ban Milosavljević Street.
A People's Hero of the former Jugoslavija, had a club named after him.
Every September for the past 4 years, in a remote farm near the village of Rekavice, high above the river River Vrbas, there has been a gathering of…
The tulip is made by crossing two colours of the red and Yellow "Apeldoorn" variety.
During the early morning of October 27th 1969, a devastating earthquake (magnitude of 6.4) hit Banja Luka, damaging the city and surrounding areas.
Banja Luka is becoming a "go to place" when it comes to street art
Here are our Top 5 tips of things to see if you are just transiting through, or as a Teaser for your longer stay in the city or the wider Northern…
One of my fascinations, is the old style houses that are scattered around both the centre of Banja Luka, and surrounding villages.
Viber, uses stickers to colour messages utilising cartoon type graphics. Banja Luka now has its own sticker pack.
If you are someone that wants off the regular tourist trail, and seeks something unusual and “slow” a trip to the Švrakava Waterfalls could be for you.