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Zimnica 2023 - Winter Food

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Zimnica 2023 - Winter Food

Welcome, to a replay edition of the podcast, where we're taking a trip down memory lane to 3 years ago, when Tamara and I sat down to discuss a cherished tradition here in Bosnia and Herzegovina.

Zimnica (or winter food).

You can Download Tamara's Recipe HERE

Preserving Tradition: Exploring Zimnica in Bosnia and Herzegovina

I’ve experienced this tradition since I got together with Tamara, so I thought I’d give a little backgrounder, some context if you will.

Bosnia and Herzegovina is a land where history, culture, and culinary traditions converge. This particular tradition holds a special place in the hearts of Bosnians.

"Zimnica," is a centuries-old practice of preserving seasonal fruits and vegetables to enjoy throughout the year. Zimnica is not just about food; it's a way of preserving the flavours and memories of what you have grown through the summer to savour during the cold winter months.

A Glimpse into Zimnica

Zimnica, which roughly translates to "winter provisions" in English, is a p…

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