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This is a brilliant chat you had with Bella, shame no tasting samples ha ha, but Blatina and Zilavka are really stunning wines full of flavour she is so right they give the feeling and taste to that specific region. On tourism there currently seems to be a blind side going on, when i was organising Tourism in that region this is how i had it. There were religous pilgrims to Medjugorje after 3/4 days there they wanted to move on especially the Americans, my Ground handler Unis Tours of Sarajevo would then organise tours to Mostar, Sarajevo and into the mountains, somehow this seems now not to be happening anymore. opportunity for wine tours etc. At this moment in Medjugorje there are around 3-4000 visitors, by May each day 10,000 plus and june 30,000 plus it really is an opportunity being lost.

From May untill October there will be 4 flights a week (with another one planned) from USA to Dubrovnik 3 of those flights will be just for Medjugorje after 3/4 days they then either go back to Croatian coast or coach tour around Croatia not Bosnia Herzegovina something needs to change to not let this opportunity disapear. sorry for typing too much, and dont ask me about Mostar Airport ha ha

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