The England Trip Micro-Blog

Day Seven


London and Downham Market.

A day spent doing buses and trains.

A full on day of travel from South Oxfordshire to East Anglia (Norfolk to be precise).

I haven't seen my 90+ year old mother for a very very long time. The pandemic certainly got in the way. I had planned to visit last Christmas but rising infection rates in the UK, put an end to that.

Mum can't handle long visits, so even having not the longest time together was worth the travelling to and from.

I chose the train over driving, as I felt it was the less stressful possible option. Trains are actually quite a cool way to travel.

Transiting through London (my place of birth), was once again quite the experience.

Navigating your way through thousands of people, is an art form I think.

The underground, of course, was total nostalgia. The sounds and smells invoke such strong memories from my childhood.

Exhausted. But so worth it.

Hopefully will catch mum again this year.


David Pejčinović-Bailey MBE