The Banja Luka Market

Walk with me through the Banja Luka Market on a Sunday

Purchasing vegetables for planting at home


The Big “Pijaca” in Banja Luka.

Located next to the main railway station, it is a MUST visit.

Banja Luka residents might say it's not a place for travellers (tourists) to visit, but I think it shows a very human side to the city.

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Sunday mornings at around 0700 is the best time.

The early start is worth it. Almost every thing is for sale.

For British readers, think "farmers market meets car boot".

The biggest piece of smoked meat I have ever seen

If you want a bargain, it's there.

I managed to get "a collectable" at a bargain price.

Oh! and there are a good few places to sit, drink pivo or rakija, or eat, and just people watch.

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