Nov 19 • 24M

Rain and Rakija - Kiša i rakija

Stories from Bosnia and Herzegovina

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David Pejčinović-Bailey
A podcast hosted by David and Tamara Pejčinović-Bailey, about Living in Bosnia and Herzegovina, telling stories from the perspective of an immigrant and also interviewing interesting people from this often misunderstood country. We would love to answer any questions you might have. If you would like to support what we do, you can buy us a coffee at: We really hope that you'll subscribe and enjoy :)
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Setting up for Rakija “Baking” at our Neighbours

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We relaunch the podcast, with a new name and a new focus.

Our weekly posts will now feature an audio element as its main section with audio, video and images posted below that are mentioned in the podcast.

Tamara and I hope you’ll find this more user friendly.

Your constructive comments though, are, as always appreciated.

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Broadcasting LIVE

The YouTube LIVE Broadcast from “Set up Day” of this year’s Rakija Baking ⬇️.


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The Rain ⬇️

Heavy Water in the Valley

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