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A new approach to Vlogging for Tamara and Me

OK, so many of you know that Tamara and I have been Vlogging for some years now.

We hosted the vlogs on YouTube and as small creators we really didn’t aspire to be major YouTubers, rather two people that wanted to document their life in Bosnia and Herzegovina for memories in years to come.

Of course, we also wanted to show the beauty of Bosnia and Herzegovina to as many people we could, so they would want to come themselves to experience this often misunderstood country

We built a small following, but sadly toxicity came to the channel via trolls etc and to be honest that made us decide to take a new approach.

”Postcard from Bosnia” will be part of this platform (substack) that we host both our Blog and podcast with.

The vlogs, will be hosted on Vimeo, so totally AD FREE.

Videos will be on YouTube, but posted much later, so you’ll be getting to see them first here.

They will not, however, be public on Instagram, Facebook or anywhere else on Social Media.

In each episode of the series, we will publish both an embedded version and a link, to the vlog on Vimeo.

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