Apr 20 • 19M

David Sammell - An ATP Coach in Banja Luka

I talk to UK Tennis Coach David Sammell and find out about tournament life, how a coach motivates and supports his player and the importance of mind-set.

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David Pejčinović-Bailey MBE
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Chatting with ATP Coach David Sammell

In This Episode.

In this episode I’m sat in the reception area of the Marriott hotel in downtown Banja Luka.


Because at the moment the first ATP 250 Tennis Tournament is under way in Banja Luka.

This tournament is also called the Srpska Open, as Banja Luka is in the entity of Republika Srpska.

I have managed to get to talk to David Sammell the coach of British player Liam Broady.

I find out about tournament life, how a coach motivates and supports his player, the importance of mind-set and much more.

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