Dec 17, 2022 • 27M

Ćef - "We are doing something we are passionate about"

Stories from Bosnia and Herzegovina

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Welcome to "Letter from Bosnia". Join David, an Englishman who has called Bosnia and Herzegovina home for the past several decades, as he delves into the history, culture, and current events of this fascinating region. Tune in for lively discussions with locals and expats alike, as well as personal anecdotes and observations from Davids's own experiences living abroad.
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Virtual Private Networks, A cool local YouTube channel, Responses to a TikTok I posted, Getting ready for Christmas, Streetlights in the Village, A new drone maybe? and I get to meet a small but super cool, local Tourism company.

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Please drop by Mona’s channel. It really is well put together and her storytelling is super cool 😀.

What Google translate say Ćef is,

We hear the word "chief" every day. And do we know its meaning? Chef is a word of Arabic origin and means good mood, enjoyment, joy. It is used to describe joy as a result of the fulfillment of a desire. That's my joy on Saturday mornings, when I'm drinking coffee in the living room in my pajamas, watching the morning program and enjoying it without rushing. And I don't immediately grab a vacuum cleaner, a rag, a ladle. I don't like drinking coffee with milk from my big red cup unwashed and uncombed. The morning program is mandatory.

Chef is described as a desire, as a fetish, as a fad. Some action we enjoy. We are doing something we are passionate about. It can bother others and annoy them. It doesn't matter, it's our pleasure. That's our boss.

Here’s the TikTok video I made abut smoking.

The Banja Luka based Tourism Company

One of the many activities offered by GoodHost Banja Luka


This Weeks Video Snippets.

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