Bosnia Cuisine - Learning to Cook Traditional Recipes

A Video from our life in Bosnia and Herzegovina

Learning to cook traditional food from various parts of Bosnia and Herzegovina.

To be honest I was so so nervous before arriving at the course location.

I had been contacted by Ana Lakić from the Tourist Organisation of the Republika Srpska, about attending a class for cooking traditional, regional food.

My curiosity got the better of me and so I accepted.

Together with other “internationals” from Russia, Mexico, Venezuela, China and Syria plus local participants, I spent 6 glorious hours having tremendous fun, and learning tons about the regional culture.

You’re never too old to learn.


But the whole team at “Kuhinjica - Škola kuvanja” made all the worries disappear.

Tamara was with me throughout as I got to make:

Prijesnac (from Herzegovina).
Helped to prepare Riblja Čorba.
Krajiška Pole.
Banjalučka Šnicla
Šape (paws).

What a day!

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